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Autographed Book (Hardcover)- Turn the Ship Around

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David Marquet delivers the powerful message that leadership is not for the select few at the top. In highly effective organizations, there are leaders at every level. We call this Intent Based Leadership.
Part story-telling, part leadership transformation, part actionable take-aways, and based on David’s experience turning around the nuclear submarine USS Santa Fe, this book leaves audiences reinvigorated to lead, with immediately actionable tools and a commitment to change.
Intent Based Leadership creates environments for people to contribute so that they feel valued. They set clear goals so their people know how to do their jobs. They push control and decision making down the organization so people take responsibility and rise to the occasion. They maintain unity of effort by ensuring the supporting pillars of technical competence and organizational clarity are in place. They create more leaders at every level.
As a result, they achieve:
  • A highly effective organization with superior morale and lower turnover.
  • A resilient organization that can adapt faster than leader-follower organizations.
  • Excellence, as opposed to simply a reduction of errors.
  • A culture that creates additional leaders throughout every level of the organization.
Intent Based Leadership starts with rejecting the idea that leadership is for the select few at the top and instead embracing in highly effective organizations, there are leaders at every level. This method of leadership is based on empowerment, not ego, and process, not personality.
This leadership framework is based on the following 3 pillars:
  • Practical Empowerment: When we give our people more control and authority, we create leaders.
  • Technical Competence: There is no substitute for knowing our craft.
  • Organizational Clarity: Understanding our WHY allows us distribute decision making throughout the organization while achieving unity of effort.

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